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DB in CeciStyle

We’re delighted to share that David was featured in this week’s CeciStyle– the “Italian Renaissance” issue! We read CeciStyle every week, so David was honored when Ceci asked for his thoughts on destination weddings, and excited to share what he learned since starting the destinations program.

We were humbled by Ceci’s kind words for David and the entire team:

“When you can create a beautiful and successful event in a highly stressful environment while maintaining a Zen-like composure, you have my vote of approval. David Beahm and his talented staff always do just that. They are a pleasure to work with in all regards. Plus, now that they’ve expanded their expertise into the world of travel, it will keep us all coming back for more. Topped with David’s southern hospitality and charm, you cannot go wrong when you turn yourself over to his talented hands.”

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