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With the holidays approaching, it’s often difficult to find the right gift for that special someone. For those who love photographs and photography there’s nothing better than thumbing through images of people, places, landscapes that have been captured through the lens of a great photographer. As the art form has come under threat of disposable and digital mass production, I find myself appreciating the time and effort that photographers take to fine tune their work for print. After dabbling in analog dark rooms and often in digital, one can appreciate a photographer whose care and attention to detail is clearly apparent. Here are a few photography releases that really captured my attention and would make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Subway- Bruce Davidson

The 3rd and final printing of Bruce Davidson’s Subway collection is surely a must have for any photography aficionado. The Subway collection has been redeveloped by the photographer as his final work, fine-tuning each image to his liking after realizing his last release was not up to his standards. He has also included several never-before-seen images as an end all to this series. This cult classic collection of photographs are Davidson’s only color series ever published, presenting these works in vivid hues to highlight the immense contrasts found among the gloom, grime and darkness of the New York City subway. The images capture an honest view through Davidson’s lens of a different New York City in the early 80’s, providing an essay of the melting pot and of its inhabitants.


 Blütezeit- Nils Müller

Nils Müller is one of the best illegal graffiti action photographers to come out of Europe. With his documentary photos, he invites the spectators to a fascinating trip inside forbidden subway systems, guarded train yards and cavernous transit tunnels from Seoul to Caracas . Müller focuses his photography on the action and emotion of the characters, rather than the final product that they risk their lives and freedom to create. His photographs tell stories in a neutral light and allow viewers to form their own judgments of the subject.


Wrong- Asker Carlsen

Asker Carlsen is a Danish photographer with a background in crime scene photography. He uses a form of journalistic photography to manipulate his images, to taking often mundane scenes and skewing them into disturbing twists of reality. The high flash, contrasted black and white photographs often add a sense of authentication to his fantasy work. They are everyday familiar images found in your family’s photo albums, and there is nothing out of the ordinary in these photographs except everything about them.









Whether a gritty capture of New York City’s not so glossy era, a ladder leading you 500 meters into the darkness below the streets of Paris, or a smiling child with wooden legs, these photographers share their view of the perception of the world through the lens of their camera for our own discretion.

All images are property of the photographer.


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