OMG, Newsflash: Elizabeth Taylor’s private auction at Christie’s opens tomorrow to the public from December 3rd – 12th! I just happened to be working on a private event next week at Christie’s and had the great fortune of getting a private tour of the exhibit. It is divided into five sections: two are of her personal clothing and costumes from her movies and stage work, the other three are her private jewelry collection, show business memorabilia, and her personal art objects (her father was an antiques dealer and she had a great appreciation for art).

Tickets are $30 each and can be purchased on line (they are timed ticket sales, so you have a selected time to view the exhibit). Allow an hour and a half to view the exhibit. Catalogs start at $60 and go up to $ 300 for the entire collection of five catalogs plus an extra special bonus catalog.

There is one small room just of all of her leather handbags, Prada, Channel, and Gucci, etc. with coordinating shoes in full color stories. The rooms are divided into collections like the 1960’s, Pucci prints and feathered dresses and ivory hats like your mother used to wear at Easter (or at least I wish).

The 1970’s room was jam-packed with every Versace design that you can image. The stage and movie costumes are exquisite. And then you turn the corner and there is that canary yellow wedding dress she wore the first time she married Richard Burton. It’s a trip down memory lane (for the ones of us that are more mature) from fashion to movies, art to accessories, diamond earrings to glittering accruements. Her three Oscars are there as well as the jewelry boxes that she kept track of from beaus.

Check out the Collection of Elizabeth Taylor

Andy Warhol tributes and Michael Jackson gifts. Think the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume exhibit melded with a real life Diva. Her $150 million dollar collection of gems and gowns on three floors. Whatever your opinion of Elizabeth Taylor and her life, she was beautiful inside and out, always giving. The proceeds of ticket and catalog sales benefit The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundations.

The beloved actress died March 23 at age 79. 

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