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Engage! 11

I am thrilled to be once again attending a summit of the world’s top wedding professionals in Grand Cayman called Engage!11. A few years ago two special ladies, Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce, decided to gather everyone and just let them share and engage each other in open un-edited conversation. There is laughter, frustration, a little whining and a whole lot of grand time spent with comrades that don’t normally get to interact. I am grateful to be here, not only because of the beautiful Cayman weather, but because I get to hear that as business people, we are all in the same boat and have the same wants and dreams – and that collaboration and change are wonderful things. I am so appreciative that these two wonderful women put their heads together and made great things happen for so many people who make things happen.

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  1. Christina

    Well said, David. I couldn’t agree with you more. Rebecca and Kathryn have done so much by simply creating a place for so many wonderful people to Engage! Thank you for presenting at this years Engage! It was my first conference and I intend to return.
    xo Christina L. Clayton
    Christina Leigh Events

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