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Holiday Cocktails

 Holidays are filled with lots opportunities for entertaining. From small soirees to extravagant galas, one thing is of virtually universal importance: the bar. Serving a signature cocktail is a way to create an atmosphere that your guests will remember.

Martinis are easy to alter by substituting the vermouth or simply changing the garnish. Instead of olives, try a hot pepper to avoid the winter chill.

Infusions are a another great way to create a really special (and easy to make) cocktail for your event. Vodka can be infused with fruits, herbs, candies and vegetables. Infusing takes at least three to four days, so do plan accordingly if you choose to go that route. And remember to always use the freshest, organic ingredients and a container with a good seal for best results. We use gallon-sized glass mason jars for our ginger infusion (a nice alternative to holiday gingerbreads).

Of course, if you’ve planned for a fully tended bar, then go for some more intricate recipes. Below are a few of our favorites. Feel free to rename and use them for your own events:



2 ounces – Stoli Razberi (other raspberry flavor vodka or your own infusion)

¾ ounce – Midori

¼ ounce – Blue Curacao

Splash of Pineapple Juice

Serve in a chilled cocktail glass

Garnish with an orange slice



2 ounces – Don Julio Blanco

¼ ounce – Cointreau

¾ ounce – Pama Liquor

Fill with Pomegranate Juice

Serve in a Collins glass

Garnish with a Lime wedge



1 ½ ounces – Chopin Vodka

½ ounce – Baileys

½ ounce – Frangelico

½ ounce – Khalua

1 ½ ounces – cold espresso

Serve in a tumbler

Garnish with shaved dark chocolate


Happy Holidays!

Image used under Creative Commons from Jeff Hester

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