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Greetings my friends – it’s good to be back to writing after a wonderful summer break.

One of the many benefits to being David Beahm (the person) and david beahm (the corporation) is that I get to travel and work in some of the most magnificent places on the planet – this morning was no exception.  This week we are on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, preparing a charming wedding for a lovely couple.  Before the work-day began, and since there is a beautiful beach right outside our front door, I decided to take advantage of it as much as possible before things get too busy later in the week.

Heaven knows; I love metaphors.  Metaphors help prove how every single thing in our lives are interconnected – something in which I firmly believe.  So, on my walk this morning I was re-reminded of three important lessons that I thought I’d share to re-kick-start my blog posts:

Lesson # 1 – There’s just no arguing with Mother Nature

All up and down this beach are HUGE, newly-installed buttresses of stone that this morning’s high tide was washing back into the sea just as quickly as it was making my foot prints in the sand disappear.  Try as hard as we may – no amount of human ingenuity is going to stop Mother Nature and her designs for her earth.

Lesson # 2 – Feigning Responsibility is Not Being Responsible

As it is with so many of these New England beaches, there are a lot of people who bring their dogs down to run and frolic in the waves – and as dogs do – they do their business wherever they want.  Therefore, the owners are required to pick up after their dogs (which they do in tidy little bright blue or discreet brown baggies).  Then, instead of carrying them, they leave the bags sitting prominently on top of a rock so that they can see them on their way back.  That is, IF they can remember where they left it…  The result?  So many rock ornaments of blue and brown plastic bags left for someone else to address.  Though the owners seemingly mean well, not carrying through on their responsibilities is not being responsible at all.

Lesson # 3 – Never Turn Your Back to the Ocean

On another db destination trip to Hawaii, I asked a native about how they handled the huge waves they encounter on the islands.  The answer was simple, but strong and I’ll never forget it.  She said, “Never turn your back to the ocean.  Always face the wave head-on.   If you can see the wave coming, you can always dive into and under it.  But if you don’t see it coming, it will always knock you down and put your face in the sand.”   How’s that for a metaphor for how to live our lives?  As hard hitting as that wave on the back of your neck, no?

Now that I think of it, I guess there were actually four lessons – and perhaps that last one is the strongest:  Take time, get away, allow yourself to breathe and to think and you will be amazed at what comes out.

*Thanks to Valerie Romanoff for that term!

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