Happily, in New York, we are blessed with clients who are financially able to give events that thrill and inspire.  From large corporations wanting to impress and win over customers, to a father wanting to give his little girl the wedding of her dreams – we have the opportunity to make magic happen every day.

Last week I talked about the enormous importance of active budgeting. Regardless of the amount you’ve allotted for your event, whether thousands or millions, you need to have a well-organized plan for keeping track of your spending. However, please do not mistake this for my saying you should not spend.

Au contraire. I used to grapple with the question of what our industry added to society. Spending large amounts of money on a single evening can, at a glance, seem wasteful to some. But events are an enormously collaborative process that contributes to a vast economic ecosystem. Certainly, a major benefit is that it allows the host to spread an air of camaraderie and goodwill, but an event does so much more.

If you do have the means to host large events, then the question isn’t “should you?” It’s “how should you?” Large events involve hundreds of people, from food and flower growers, to the staffs of your designers and planners (for an average NYC event, we can have between 15 and 50 on the payroll), to hotels and restaurants (think chefs, servers, busboys, custodians, administrative staffs), to guests shopping for outfits and/or gifts for the event.   Events do wonders for the economy! Then, after the event, I’ve pointed out in a previous post that there are organizations such as ‘Special E’ that repurpose flowers and food so that nothing goes to waste.

A hidden function of a proper party in our society is that it benefits many more people than just the guests for just that evening. The bigger an event, the more it has the capacity to stimulate so many lives in so many different ways. There is a reason people have been giving parties for hundreds of years. They bring us together. They allow us to share our joys and good fortune with our friends and associates. They give back to society, and they make the belly and spirits happy as well as the human soul. Name anything else that does so much and leaves you smiling.

There are few occasions in this life that you can really go for without regret.  So, I ask you, if not now, when?

The Secret Ingredient: A great event comes from the sum of many moving parts.

Image used under Creative Commons from Miran Rijavec.

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