I don’t think it’s any secret to db fans; I’m addicted to beauty.  I’ve managed to build a career around it: beautiful flowers, beautiful gowns, beautiful diamonds, beautiful places, and beautiful people. But I have an even bigger addiction to feeling beautiful, and darn-it, sometimes that’s tough in the big city for a 5’4” Rubenesque chick. As I write this blog – I know there are other women out there who feel the same way: occasionally looking around at the 5’10” svelte, sidewalk stunners and wondering, “how in the hell did I miss the sign-up sheet for those genetics?” 


The exact same fears of inadequacy can riddle a Bride approaching her wedding day. You want to feel like you are at your most beautiful and with a few well-chosen, signature style decisions; you too can walk into a Ballroom alongside a whole gaggle of “sidewalk stunners” and manage to end the night feeling like the most beautiful woman in the room. It’s actually pretty simple really, but you must begin by committing to memory one of my favorite sayings. I fail to remember the person it is attributed to or the exact verbiage – but it goes something like this: “I was never a great beauty – but I had a look and that look was MINE.” 


You must set about creating a black-tie cap-a-pie that is yours and yours alone. Just what does mine consist of? For Teuch the perennial must-haves are back-seam stockings, SPANX, perfectly manicured fingernails, a signature perfume, a few exceedingly well-made dresses and one fabulously puffy crinoline.  In my next blog post I will be discussing the great fun of having a piece of clothing made just for you. However, right now I want to share my three top secrets with you for feeling your absolute best on your wedding day… and not one of them has to do with the dress – go figure!  


  1. Lashes honey, lashes. I know many of you get all squeamish and spastic when a makeup artist approaches you with a pair of tweezers, some glue and a couple of strips of feathery lashes. But hear me out girls: having the lightness of a butterfly rest atop your eyelids can make a lady feel like a lady. And there is no better flirt in the world than a sultry stare from underneath a set of long dark lashes. So go out, buy a fabulous pair of Shu Uemuras and start working on applying them yourself – fabulous takes a little bit of practice.       
  2. Sky high heels.  Yes, yes, yes, I’ve heard all the stories – high heels are a sexist invention created by a man to make women feel delicate and fragile. They cause irreparable damage your feet and back. I say PHOOEY. I say a pair of sky heels makes me feel like a style-monster, brave, and undefeatable. I say a pair of heels is the best piece of armor a woman can have. I say Christian Louboutin is the only thing to wear on your feet for your wedding day. I say fabulous takes a little bit of pain.
  3. Fascinators. No, I am not suggesting you whip out Princess Beatrice’s ribbon hat for your nuptials, but I am proposing that sometimes a flawless fascinator with bird-cage netting trumps a veil, especially if it is one from BHLDN.  And I know what you are saying to yourself – I’m not nearly cool enough to pull off a fascinator but here’s the secret: YOU ARE if you say you are.  Just last weekend I had a bride who wore the most wonderful, whimsical fascinator and I screamed in delight when she appeared! Sometimes fabulous takes a little bit of brave drama. 


So while we’d all like to think that it’s the old adage “Something old, something new…” makes for a successful marriage – I’d like to suggest a new one for you to consider.  “Something bold, nothing drab, something sexy and everything FAB!”

Photography courtesy of Ira Lippke Studios

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