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I am grateful for Thanksgiving memories.  Because it’s such a significant day, I’d be willing to bet that everyone who reads this can immediately conjure up a plethora of wonderful, heart-warming memories.  Some of my favorites are:

  • All my family, including all my grandparents, gathered around the big table in our living room, telling funny stories about the colorful locals and laughing so hard that none of us could eat
  • My first Thanksgiving in California a couple of us gathered at a friend’s house and cooked – they had a fireplace and it was too hot to have a fire, but we were so homesick for cold, that we built one anyway
  • My first “foodie” Thanksgiving with Nicky, Charles, Todd, Michael, Ron and Lindsey and how overwhelmed I was to be in a room where friendship among friends from such diverse backgrounds lived so strongly
  • The countless times with my cadre of closest friends Lin, Mr. Bill, Billy, Kathy, Jimmy and Lady Di – precious moments that have taken years to ripen just like a fine wine that only a true friendship can yield

 Memories have a way of rearing themselves up in the form of sadness – beckoning  you to remember with the melancholy of what was – but I try keep my mind moving forward –  remembering with fondness the good times that make me smile, the happy faces, the smells, the tastes, and the warmth.  Then I almost can’t wait for all of the new memories and unknown wonderful experiences yet to come and am suddenly resolved that it really is a time for Thanks giving.

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