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The Cabin Door is Closed.

Five words for which I’ve become most grateful, “The cabin door is closed.” Five marvelous words that are most always followed by, “please power-off all electronic devices at this time.” It has become a moment for which I am particularly thankful. It is the moment when I’m on a plane that not only signals the official start of a new adventure, but also gives me permission to stop, breathe, and take a moment for myself. At that time I can turn inward and take inventory of my feelings; for when those five words happen, I have to cut off the constant availability that modern-day living and my business demands/affords through the use of computers and mobile phones. The moment that I power down my electronics, almost inevitably, I’ve found that my body powers down too. It is rare that I actually remember take-offs and I relish that. I wake up gliding near the tropopause – above it all – and that gives me perspective. I make a living by having the gift to be able to back up and consider the big picture, so I am thankful when my situation makes me back up and allows me look at my own big picture.

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  1. Dayanara

    Posts like this brihgten up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

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