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I recently received this wonderful handwritten thank you note from Eric, a 13-year-old who just had his bar mitzvah. We rarely receive handwritten thank yous from kids, so I very much appreciated the gesture – and it made me think about the importance of handwritten thank you notes in general.

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  1. ann darnell

    Christina, I love this. I have told my grand children how much this means to a person. Just this summer my grand daughter ( Kristen) had several occasions to write a thank you note, which I helped her with. I think she found how important this is. Thanks for your letter.

  2. Joseph St. Cyr

    Yes, the hand-written note will NEVER be replaced. My penmanship has gotten a bit scary in my dotage but that hasn’t stopped me. As wonderful as pen-to-paper notes are to receive, they are also as satisfying to compose, address, and post. When you drop it in the mailbox, it feels good knowing that you will make someone else’s day.

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