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Why I Love Asses

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle” Plato

I am grateful for the grumpy, the stubborn and the blatant asses of our lives. They figure that since they’ve allowed something to ruin their day, they are going to be dead-set on ruining everyone else’s – and they easily can.  In the interest of total transparency, I admit to joining the ranks of the asses from time to time. I try not to let them get to me and know that nine times out of ten, their actions tell a much bigger story and have much deeper causes than anything they happen to be griping about at the time. The best part of asses is quite inadvertent on their parts: they are helping you out. I believe that they are actually holding up a mirror from which you can learn. By stepping back and looking at the source of their anger, you can see  from  where it grows and analyze the situation so that when it happens to you, you can approach it with more élan and grace and perhaps not blow a gasket. You can also see that all the histrionics do nothing but gum-up the pathways to an easy solution to the problem at hand. A note in diplomacy: please don’t let them know that you’re learning from them, it might make them even more agitated. But stepping back for some perspective of the big picture can let you glean so much about asses and about yourself. So, Mr. (or Ms.) Ass, I  may not love your hissy fits, but I do appreciate them. So there. Take that!

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